Learning Story – The Story Stick

Learning Story – The Story Stick

The Week of April 23 2024

What Happened?

We asked the Bushkids to make a story stick today! We asked them to look around the site for items that they could tie to the stick to reflect their story of Bushkids. Since a lot of the snow had melted, we took the time to clean up the site, to show reciprocity.  We also celebrated and had a feast together. The Bushkids were ready and willing to help prepare 4 ducks (some that were gifted to us by Nate’s family!), 2 ptarmigan and 2 grouse!

Why is it Important?

Each Bushkid took the time to reflect on the year and chose something that was important to them. 

Mitten string: “I learned how to finger weave.”

Blue rope: “We used it build everything, even our game ‘don’t touch the rope’.”

Tree cookie with ELCC written on it: To remember the Aurora College Early Learning and Childcare students that spent half the year with us. “I taught them things.” AND “To represent the yummy food we eat everyday.”

Feather: “We pluck ducks and eat them, too.”

Hotel key: Vinh, we missed you, but hung this up to remember all the fun play we had in the hotel.

Mud: mud kitchen

Kindling: “We chop wood everyday!”

Through our play and exploration we build relationships with each other and the Land and learn so much about ourselves. Each session at Bushkids is never the same. The educators don’t have lesson plans for the year that we follow and repeat. The Bushkids, the knowledge holders, the Elders, the visitors, the Land – all guide us in our learning. It is always changing and we are always adapting. 

What Does This Mean For Next Time?

Paul Andrew taught us that “We are meant to be together.” As we said goodbye, we discussed how this moment is special because when we come together as a group and spend time together like this, it will never be the same. Next year, there may be new Bushkids and it will be different, it too will be wonderful, it will just be different. This makes it that much more special. Each Bushkids will always be welcome to come and visit. We reminded the Bushkids to say hello to each other when they see each other on the street. We are a community and it’s important to continue to build it. 

Finally, Mahsi Cho to the Land for all that it has taught us this year. It is not enough to simply say thank you to the Land. We must find ways to show reciprocity to the Land, and we hope that the Bushkids have begun to understand how to do this during the time we have spent together this year.