Learning Story – Taking Care of Ourselves & The Land

This learning story will review how the Bushkids take care of themselves, each other and the Land. This is our foundation at Bushkids and we talk about this often. Please share this with your child! 

How did we take care of ourselves? 

We ate when we were hungry. We drank water when we were thirsty. We stayed dry today when playing near puddles at Ferry Fortress because it’s hard to warm up after you get wet in cold weather. We relaxed and just layed down or sat down when we were tired. We played alone when we felt the need to. We warmed up in the walltent if we felt cold. We asked for help if our hands were cold and borrowed dry mitts if our mitts got wet. We learned not to go on the ice until it has been checked with an axe to see if it’s thick enough to walk on. 

How did we take care of each other? 

We played safely and managed our risks together when sliding or playing at Ferry Fortress. We heard “I don’t think you should do that.” and “When I raise my stick, it’s safe for you to slide down.” We included each other and invited each other to play with us. We learned and practiced each other’s names. We enjoyed fish, potatoes/onions and soup together around the fire. We made each other laugh. We took care of Rupert the dog. We thanked our elder at the end of the day for being with us and sharing her knowledge.

How did we take care of the Land? 

We show reciprocity and give back to the Land by offering tobacco to the fire. By being on the Land we are developing our relationship with everything that comes from Land. We noticed all of the differences in the places that we play in just one week. We put our garbage and compost away. We picked up garbage that wasn’t ours. We all cleaned up together at the end of the day. We only take what we need. We noticed the tracks and that foxes, rabbits and mice live here! And we even found a spider toda